Be a Host for a Women's Building Workshop

One of our main missions with The WNB Collective is to teach and inspire as many women as we can with the skills and confidence to build! Hosting a build at your site brings a multitude of fantastic benefits;

  • You to have a building made on your site

  • You have the opportunity to learn how to build and be as involved as you wish in the process

  • You get a deeper understanding of your building and how to maintain/fix it in the future if need be

  • You give women a space and an opportunity to learn and experience natural building

  • You cut out high labour costs

How does it work?


It is important for us to get a clear overview of the site, the prospective build and the host so we can create the perfect structure.

We conduct a free initial consultation on-site with the host to find out what the goals are for the build and to assess initially the site topography and climate. We then give an overview of what we can offer and how it will work.

Site Analysis

Once we receive confirmation from the host that they would like to go ahead with the build we will conduct a site analysis and client interview. This is vital to find out what type of building the host wants and what type of building the site needs.

Site - We assess the climate (wind velocity, sun angles, temperatures etc) and energy flows, existing eco-systems, access, resources, topography and soil.

From this information we produce a site evaluation, sector analysis of the site and a soil analysis

Host - We conduct an interview with the host to find out the reasons for the build and the needs and dreams they have for it's usage and lifespan.

Build Proposal

After the site analysis, we present the host with a written site analysis and a building proposal giving a detailed breakdown of the structure, materials, costs and implementation plan

The build

When everyone is happy with the final design proposal it is for the host to decide how/with whom they would like the building to be built;

  • Paying workshop - an advertised workshop, open to the public with a fee for the course, for food and for accommodation if required.

  • Training workshop - a training workshop for local women who will be joining The WNB Collective. A small fee is paid from the trainees to the facilitator.

  • A training and paying workshop - It is possible to create a combined workshop