What We Do!

We have two main focuses at the moment workshops and designing/building on private land!

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We offer a variety of different Natural Building workshops and cover a broad spectrum of different building styles and methods. We pride ourselves in creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment for women, where we embrace our individuality, our diversity and make natural building accessible to all ages and physical abilities.  

We are also open to organising building workshops at your site; creating a building and a learning experience all in one on your own land. If this is something that interests you check out

 'Be a host for a Women's Building workshop'

We can build your dream home!

We are available to implement buildings on personal sites, with a focus of under 40sqm, and also outdoor structures such as cob ovens, benches/outdoor living space, hot tubs etc. 

We begin with an initial consultation to see the site and hear about your dreams and visions for the build.

To book a consultation with us please email:


If we are happy to go aherad with the build we will begin the design process. We design buildings using a holistic Permaculture design strategy where we assess not only the needs of the client but also the needs of the site and the existing eco-system the building will become a part of. We gather extensive data about the specific site and with this we are able to design a building that works in harmony with the natural energies (sun, wind, water etc), causes as least disturbance as possible to the landscape and the existing eco-systems and is therefore energy-efficient, energy-responsive, comfortable and aesthetically beautiful.

From this we produce a design for the building, room layout and, wall structures etc, alongside this we create an implementation plan, material list and cost breakdown.

 We can be there from the site assessment and finding the perfect sub-soil to foundations, walls, roofs and plastering, we can offer supportive and constructive advice and theory to get the job done from start to finish. 

We can either come with experienced women builders from the WNB crew or we can offer the build as a workshop and invite others to come and learn whilst building for/with you. Please contact us if you are interested to collaborate with us.