We create a variety of building workshops that run for around one week each, they are intense and jam packed; full of learning, sharing, growing and laughter...plus lots of building theory and practical too of course.  Our goal is to share our love and knowledge of natural building in a safe and supportive space so participants feel inspired,empowered and confident to build, experiment and  progress.  We teach a variety of different building techniques, carpentry and design, along with personal development skills and group work. 

Feb 2023 - Portugal - 9 day Natural building workshop

Our first build of 2023! The weather was pretty rough but it didnt stop us for a second. The participants were so enthusiastic and full on that they even stayed after the course to finish the final touches on the building ....we were very proud of what they achieved and amazed that in only a short amount of time they had grasped such a love to build and the knowledge of how to do it. 

Sept 2022 - Portugal  - 9 day building workshop 

16 participants join our first workshop since pre-covid days. It was beautiful learning experience, with participants from all over the world and facilitated by The WNBC founder, Lola and Core-builder Melody. Working on a timber framed 6.5m diameter roundhouse we taught the art of cobbing, slip straw and adobe bricks along with carpentry, ecological house design, floors, roofs and finishes.

.......more to come in Feruary 2023

Lazuz, Portugal - 8 Day workshop - Oct 2022

Our first 'women only' short build and what an incredible experience it was, not only to have 12 strong,  creative, powerful and compassionate women on the crew, but to also host the first womens build at Lazuz, where the idea of The WNBC was born whilst Lola and Tati were building Tati's strawbale home there. Our initial goal was to create a chicken coup, which became so beautiful that it is now a kids play room, with multiple building techniques and a reciprocal roof, using mateirals from the land, wood from the forest, this was an incredible team effort from the Lazuz crew and the 4 core members of The WNBC Lola, Melo, Yuly and Tati!

 .....more to come in May 2023