Upcoming Workshops 2023!!!

What is  a workshop like with The WNBC?....

Feb 7th - 15th 2023@ Aquinta

Come and Join us for a 9 day, hands-on, natural building, learning experience at the beautiful farm of Aquinta in Southern Portugal.  

Open to all genders.

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Permaculture Design Course - March 7th - 23rd @Aquinta


The founder of The WNBC, Lola will be supporting this unique and diverse PDC, covering all aspects of living off grid, designing our landscapes and our communities...and of course we will be in the mud pit learning about natural building and its impact on the world!

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Natural Building -April 4th-10th 2023 @ Aquinta 

Done! check out our compost toilet here...

This will be  a full packed week of learning, building, sharing, then building some more. Held at Aquinta, a beautiful 120 hectare regenerative farm and community.

Open to all genders

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Natural Building - May 15th -24th 2023 - Women Only @ Lazuz


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Back by popular demand! We are happy to announce our next womens only build at Lazuz, Portugal, May 15th-24th 2023. Again the 4 core builders from The WNBC will be hosting and facilitating this Workshop in Southern Portugal, sharing their passions, skills and knowledge.

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Open to all - Natural Building - June 6th-15th2023 @ A Quinta

Due to so much interest we are adding an extra date to our 2023 schedule. A full packed learning experience open to everyone at the beautiful A Quinta farm in Portugal.

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Open to all -Ladies and Gents Natural Building - July 3rd - 8th 2023 - @ Lazuz

A full power 5 days of building and carpentry for men and women. Covering 3 different earth building techniques and growing confidence with wood and power tools

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Extended Natural Building and Carpentry - Sept 25th - Oct 6th 2023 - Women Only @ Lazuz

We are very excited to announce a special extended,12 day, Womens Natural Building Workshop @ Lazuz, Portugal. A full power emergence into the world of natural building!

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Permaculture Design Course - 17th Oct - 2nd Nov @ Aquinta

We will finish the year in style with our last course of 2023, diving deep into the solutions that are possible to create a brighter future. Lola from The WNBC will be supporting this 16 day journey, teaching abut the importance of re-shaping our building methods and getting muddy too of course. The course is jam packed with essential life tools to become the change you want to see in the world!

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Open to all -Natural Building workshop- Nov 14th - 22nd 2023 - @ Aquinta

Our last workshop of the year. We are plaaning on creating a new round house during this 9 day, hands on, building workshop at Aquinta. Learn all you need to build your dream house and gain the confidence to do so.

Lalia - Womens building course @ Lazuz 2022

"I have no words really to express the amazing experience that it was. Much more than a workshop, it was an inspirational week in many ways. Thank you for the amazing work."

"Lola is a loving, caring, amazing human being. The knowledge and experience that she has are a gift and a need in a changing world. Melo is a very sweet, open minded, gifted wood worker. Very professional amd caring. Yuli is... Yuli! Unique in herself. She was always looking for our best being and attentive. All of you excellent teachers, not only of your craft, but as humans. Thank you."