Jade - course participant Oct 2022

It was a fantastic experience overall – I came away with deep connections with strong, diverse, badass women, and invaluable life skills that I will cherish (and continue to build on!) for a long time.

There was so much to enjoy. Good conversations. Incredible food!! Building with mud!! Mediation with Yuly and others on cold, quiet mornings. Laughing 'til my belly hurt – by the fire, at the talent show.. I really loved the building process – I can't wait to get into it again!

Lucianna - Volunteer @ Lazuz

This experience was for me at so many levels wonderful and I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity. I really love seeing women evolving unfolding discovering theirselves and their new (or very ancient) skills. 

I felt deeply inspired by Lola and Melo and the passion you guys put into sharing all you know so selfless, holding that really safe space for everyone to feel ok to try and even to mess it up. I also loved the way Yuly is always available and really coming out of her way just to help anyone who needs anything at any point. 

Thank you so much for putting so much effort and passion into what you guys do, to share it with amazing women, to help them helping themselves. 

Lacey - course participant Oct 2022

"Even after a month I’m still appreciating my experience. It really was so powerful and special for me to build with the earth in a group of women. It was fun, exciting, exhausting, healing, and beautiful. 

I really enjoyed the collective “team spirit” that was cultivated by the facilitators. It was amazing! I think the three of you work so well together and it really influenced the energy of the group. We were able to be so supportive and playful with each other. Such a great way to learn together. Getting to learn things hands on was really enjoyable for me also. The balance of theory and hands on was perfect for me." 

Griet - course participant Feb 2023

"The course makes me feel empowered, able, enthusiastic and motivated to build.

More so, I want this to be my life! I remember saying in the opening circle that my dream is to build my own house. Now I feel like I would love to build anyone's house  :-)

Thank you for the energy that you brought, the willingness to share your knowledge and answer our endless questions and the trust you gave us!"