Building Blitz - What is it and How to do it!

Creating a Building Blitz is simple, easy and hugely productive. It's about bringing women together to have fun, learn and help on a natural building project for a day. We share and discover different building methods and techniques (there is never just one way to do things when it comes to natural building) we get creative, explore our strengths and use the time as a training opportunity too; empowering ourselves and each other to develop our building skills in a safe and supportive setting. The influx of energy on site creates a great vibe and we get so much done.....many hands make light work as they say!

What you will need:

  • A project in need of help (there are many around) can be as big as a house build or even a cob oven/bench etc

  • A clear idea of the tasks that need to be done (it is important to have tasks for all physical abilities so everyone can be included) and someone willing and able to instruct and guide

  • To prepare the materials for the day

  • A group of women ready to learn and get muddy (we also welcome men too sometimes)

  • A platform to contact and share information

How to Organise:

  • Arrange a site visit before the day to see what work can be done and to check in with the owner/lead builder on site

  • Create a group and share the following information;

Location, day and time

Brief overview of the tasks of the day

To bring clothes that will get muddy

To bring a dish of food to share (a lovely break in the day with yummy fresh food is a must)

  • Give a clear briefing/introduction at the start of the day with 3-5 clear tasks. Physically introduce each task and supervise during the day.

And its really as simple as that! Put some music on, get muddy, get creative and enjoy! It's always nice to revisit a Building Blitz site after a month or two to see the progress and how your day contributed to the end result.

Bring the kids

A perfect opportunity to introduce the next generation of builders to the wonder world of mud!

Set various tasks

Make sure there are various tasks; some very physical and others not, this allows all ages and abilities to participate and learn

Eat & Enjoy

A pot luck lunch is the perfect way to share and enjoy a nurturing meal together