Lola Byron Bio continued ....

During my Permaculture Design Course there was a brief introduction to Natural building and I experience what I can only describe as a 'Urika' moment. I fell in love, I felt an excitement that I couldn't explain and I knew it was something I needed more of. Being creative I love to work with my hands, I had loved sculpting but I hadn't enjoyed the art industry and all it entailed, but finally, I felt there was an opportunity to create an art piece that could be lived, a functional and practical piece of art, sculpted by my own hands, one that challenges the earth depleting building industry and offers a realistic and affordable solution to our housing crisis.

From that moment I immersed myself in everything I could about natural building and Permaculture; I took workshops, helped on community builds, read books, visited projects and got my hands dirty as often as possible. I had a yearning to travel so I did; putting my faith in my intuition and following my heart I set off to Thailand to see how they build and see where this new drive and passion would take me.

It was an incredible trip that lasted for 9 years! I built, and was involved in building over 25 houses and structures, I ran workshops in natural building and Permaculture, spent 3 years as the Natural Building Manager at an incredible community and education center called Panya and I became a mother to my baby girl!

After leaving Thailand my path led me to Portugal where I have spent the last 5 years running workshops, creating training groups for women, building lots of beautiful ecological homes, learning and growing, becoming a mother again, and more putting my heart and soul into setting up The Womens Natural Building Collective.

I have seen and felt the magic of creating something from nothing, the accomplishment and empowerment from building a house, even an oven, and the connection and community that forms during a build; it is something that has changed me forever and it is an experience I hope I can bring to many, many women around the world.

With love, Lola