Beautiful work by cammile and Ono!

Laila's wave!

Some, fun and creative artworks apprear along the way, it is impossible not to sculpt with such a flexible and forgiving material such as cob.

A glass bottle and block sculpture made with Jo and Nicole!

Our main building at Panya Project was 20 meters. Thank you Rose for the beautiful Owl!

When my dear friend Cris, a buff personal trainer said he wanted to decorate the window I was not expecting this!

Painted with my mum using powder pigments from India

During construction - bamboo, cob and coloured glass and jigsawed together

catching the afternoon sun

Hand sculpted bench and alcoves

The picture doesn't do it justice...thank you May!

One of my first sculpted walls in Thailand many moons ago!

Work in progress, building bottles and glass into the walls

Sculpture with reverse dimensions before plastering

simple but beautiful 50cm thick glass bottle walls

Fresh design before plastering

Entrance before

....and after