Womens Natural Building


About Us

We are a collective of women natural builders based in Southern Portugal. The organisation was founded by Natural Builder and Permaculturist Lola Byron in 2020. Lola’s dream is to create a platform for women natural builders to feel empowered, supported and capable to build anything they dream of. 

Our goal is to teach and train the art of natural building all over the world, and to create a safe, fun and educational space to learn, experiment and share. We offer physical training workshops, online coaching and consultations, building designs and implementations. 

We use only local natural materials, renewable resources and design holistically to create beautiful, unique buildings and structures that live in harmony with the natural landscape. Using both ancient building methods and new modern techniques we teach you how to tap into your ancestral building knowledge that is ingrained within us all. Waking up this forgot mastery, you will be guided step by step to creating your dream building. 

“It is vital now, more than ever, that we make space for women in this male-lead industry and create a shift in this outdated patriarchal system whilst also moving away from, our planet destroying,  building industries and methods. I believe we are all more than capable to build; it is not just about the strength in our muscles but more about the determination in our hearts. If we work together, supporting and collaborating not competing or criticising we can gain the skills and the will power necessary to build anything we desire!

I have never felt more empowered, proud and elated to sleep in an earth house that was sculpted by my own hands; this is a feeling I wish many, many more will experience, and that is why I'm here!"

Lola Byron

Natural Builder and Founder of The WNBC

Principles of The WNB Collective;

Mission Statement:

“To build beautiful natural structures that work in harmony with the environment they live in, whilst empowering ourselves and other women with the skills, confidence and knowledge to build"

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